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Metalwork was originally one of the Technical School's main subjects. Until 1960 the metalwork classes were in outbuildings in Moorland Road. One workshop for hand work and forging - the other for machining. The former was the old hospital mortuary. The workshops shared a common wall with a house in Lingard Street - which must have been a noise problem for the occupants. Some people remember a blacksmith's forge in the covered entry between the workshops.

2003 Metalwork workshops building 2017 Rear of metal workshops building
JTS - Metalwork Workshop JTS - Metalwork Workshop
Metalwork class (Not JTS 1940s - now SCTS 1954) Metalwork class (Not JTS 1940s - now SCTS 1954)

David Jones (-1957) says
"The photographs of the Metalwork rooms at Moorland Road (said to be 1940s) are about 1954 as on the one labelled Number 4 I am on the far right by the lathe and the boy earnestly filing away at the bench is John Lockett. I recognise some of the other faces but can't put a name to them "

The final High Lane campus was well equipped with two metalwork workshops housed in the original 1947 concrete Technical Block.
(Can anyone verify this anonymous picture from the STHS Facebook page? The background row of houses doesn't seem right for High Lane? The pattern of the window frames doesn't match the Woodwork Workshop's windows in the 1960 picture.)
SCTS - High Lane Metalwork Workshop
There was also a workshop for legacy plumbing and brickwork which became obsolete probably after Mr "Sam Brick" Ernest left in 1962.
However from the early 1960's the School became focused on academic achievements.

Haywood High - STHS workshop remnants - 2002
2002 Haywood High RCDT room.
Remnants of STHS Metalwork and Metalwork workshop fittings

Raymond Dean Metalwork projects

Raymond Dean (1951-54) says
"Metalwork items that I made at Stanfield. Note the design fault in the G clamp, the threaded spindle is too short so the clamp cannot be fully closed!!

During my apprenticeship I forged two more G clamps when I did 3 months "blacksmithing" which I still have & they do fully close."

If you have pictures, drawings, or memories of the metalwork classes please send the Webmaster an email.


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