Stanfield Technical High School - 2002 Reunion Tour

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    These pictures were taken on a tour of the school at the 2002 School Reunion. Thanks to Chris Horrobin, Ray Reynolds and John Slater for these pictures. These may take a few minutes to download. If you have any other interesting school photos, please send me an email to:

    There are also these photographs taken of the High Lane School Building in 2001/2002

    Photographs of people taken at the 2002 School Reunion are here.

    Derek Johnson

    Corridor leading toward the library. Virtually unchanged since 1964.

    Corridor junction in the middle of the school.

    The school gym, also very little changed from the 1960s.

    By the exercise bars in the school gym.

    Beams in the gym. Remember these?.

    Showers in the gym.

    View of the playing fields from the school.

    CDT Classroom (possibly with original woodwork benches)

    Chem lab - benches have been turned round. No fume chambers any more!

    Physics lab - still has the old power supply!

    Physics lab - old power supply!

    A new computer suite, believed to be formerly a changing room between the upper corridor and the lower science block.

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